Vision 33: Identifying Business Challenges and the Technology Cure with Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS)

Thank you to Carl Lewis and the Connected Enterprise Podcast podcast!

In this episode, Carl and I had a great discussion about the impacts of technology on growing and successful businesses. With my background as a fractional CTO, technology is a passion, but too often I saw business leaders attempting to use technology to solve symptoms instead of the root issues in their business.

When talking with business owners, I often use the story of a company that was looking to implement a new CRM (customer relationship management) system. The CEO heard about this great tool from one of his golfing buddies and thought it would be a great cure to the sales issues his business was facing.

After a lot of time and expense implementing the new system, the CEO was less than pleased when the sales numbers did not immediately tick up. The root issue though was that his business did not have a proven process when it came to sales and thus the new technology simply magnified this lack of process.

Take a listen to this episode to learn more and find out how to identify the root issues and solve them in your business. Then, you can add technology to magnify your solid foundation! Lots of solid business nuggets here.

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