Your Time is Valuable – Ask for Help Sooner with Uni Rosales Yost of GoAskJay

As an entrepreneur in technology, consulting, and business for over 20 years, Uni Rosales Yost has led and managed multiple businesses that focus on creating new products and services in multiple industries including insurance, finance, healthcare, real estate, banking, mortgages, and more.

Today, Uni is founder and CEO of GoAskJay, a leading innovative Insurance (Insurtech) and Financial (Fintech) AI matching platform in a $4 trillion insurance industry that delivers insurance and financial products to consumers and small businesses.

Key Takeaway: Expert advisors, mentors, and coaches should play a key role early on in your business. They can often spot and warn of pitfalls that are coming instead of being 6-months down that road before you figure out you made a mistake. Your time is limited and valuable – you must make the best use of your resources.

Lessons Learned:

  • Always Start with a Plan – Figure out who to target, what solution you are offering, and be realistic about whether there is a real market need. Move forward only when you have good answers to those questions. Once you start a business, it is hard to stop.
  • Make Sure the Funding is in Place – Do you have the money to continue to scale before you will see ROI? Do not partner lightly — they say it is 10x harder to get out of a business partnership than it is to get a divorce.

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