Working Long Hours, With Little to Show For It Except Burn Out

We have all seen the stats regarding the “survival” rates of small entrepreneurial businesses.

What is not quite as clear is the number of entrepreneurs – specialists in their field – working long hours day in and day out, with little to show for their efforts.

Technically, you have a business, and you are a business owner in title. The challenge is that you are wearing hats on top of hats … 50 or 60 in the words of a guest in season one.

However, there is one hat that most entrepreneurs forget to put on.

In today’s episode, I talk specifically about some of the challenges a client of mine is facing in turning his small (and I mean small) business into something bigger while trying to stave off burnout.

Hopefully, you have this all figured out and are living your dreams.

If not, and you are struggling to reach your dreams, the good news is that you have lots of company.

The even better news is that we are building a community of people just like you with the sole purpose of being able to help each other out.

So, if you have questions after listening to today’s episode – or you simply need some accountability – I invite you to join us in the Building to Scale community today.

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