Validating Ideas Early for Sustained Success with Puneet Sharma of MaxedS

As the founder of MaxedS, a go-to-market advisory and sales acceleration firm, Puneet Sharma is a seasoned professional with decades of experience taking services and products to market.

Puneet spent many years working with large corporations to develop and deploy new products and services. While “seeing the light late” as he describes it, he saw a need in the small business realm where entrepreneurs with great ideas struggled to bring them to market successfully.

Key Takeaway: “I saw the light late …” Making the jump from the corporate world to the entrepreneur world is a big leap and not without risk. At the same time, you must validate your ideas early with people outside of your inner circle to ensure that you have a sustainable mission that people are willing to buy into.

Lessons Learned:

Validate Your Ideas – It can be easy to get sucked into believing your own marketing. Make sure to validate your ideas early with people outside your inner circle.

Make Life Easier – When developing new ideas, look for ways to help make somebody else’s life better.

Empower Your Team – Promote the ability out of the game to empower your team. Let them make decisions without having to run everything up the chain.

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