Utilizing Core Values in All Aspects of Your Organization with David Moise of Decide Consulting

Like many with a technology background, David Moise started as a software developer and over the years transitioned his company Decide Consulting into an IT and software recruiting firm.

Back in 2017, David started saying IT and software jobs will double in 10 years. Three years later, we are on track for that. Even with COVID.

The technology skills that companies need are becoming more specific and the companies that already rely heavily on technology need the people who truly understand it. This is only going to continue, and David has built a successful venture helping companies build a plan when it comes to what technical talent they will need and how to find it.

Key Takeaway: Having a vision and values for your company is critical and they should go beyond bulletin board material, impacting all aspects of your personnel management.

Lessons Learned:

Be Different – You always need to come to the market with something better than the next person. There is something about you that can translate to and advantage in the marketplace. Find it and exploit it.

Be Efficient – Use technology for an edge. There are a variety of “no-code/lo-code” tools out there. This can be a gateway to being different and bringing value to your customers.

Take Action – Keep moving forward. Try something. If it works, do it again. If not, alter it and try again. Keep moving.

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