Understanding Your Core Focus and Avoiding the AFM Issue with Ian Gotts of Elements.cloud

As CEO of Elements.cloud, Ian Gotts is passionate about providing the tools and training to help customers reduce the risk and improve the adoption of their Salesforce implementations. He’s been a customer Salesforce over the last 18 years and a regular speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and Dreamin’ events.

Over the years as a customer of Salesforce, Ian and his team struggled to manage the implementation lifecycle as there were no enterprise level tools. Over the last 10 years Salesforce has become a powerful platform and now has huge enterprise customers. Ian saw a massive opportunity to fill the gap and support their customers, so he dragged a couple of old colleagues out of retirement and founded Elements.cloud.

Key Takeaway: When it comes to building a product or service, customer feedback is invaluable to ensure you are hitting your target. However, it must be balanced so that you are not in the position of having no clear direction and doing “anything for money”.

Lessons Learned:

Focus – Ensure the product market fit, solve one problem for one market before you scale.

Marketing – Understand marketing “to the right of the chasm” and aim to quickly get beyond the early adopters into the majority.

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