Understanding the Why When it Comes to Building Strong Foundations with Jeff Chastain of Admentus

As a long time entrepreneur, Jeff Chastain saw first hand the challenges that come in trying to grow and scale a small business – first with a venture into the IT MSP industry and then again with a software as a service company.

It was his own personal journey as well as his consulting with other business leaders where he concluded that starting a business is not really the goal of most entrepreneurs. Instead, they have an idea or a solution that then turns into a business venture. The problem is they do not have the business background necessary to scale that venture successfully. Jeff has made it his mission to help these entrepreneurs gain clarity into and get more of what they want from their business.

Through his coaching work with Admentus, Jeff has come across many entrepreneurs with stories to share of both success and challenges as they worked to scale their business. This is where the idea of the Building to Scale podcast came from – the ability to help other entrepreneurs through the sharing of these stories. While most never consider themselves “experts”, there will always be somebody a step or two behind you that can learn from your experiences.

Key Takeaway: Growing and scaling a small boutique business into a larger company is not trivial and takes a different set of skills than starting a business. Learn from your peers and enlist the expertise of a coach to make that transition simpler, faster, and less costly.

Lessons Learned:

Ask for Help – The typical entrepreneurial mindset is that I can do this all myself. Being at the top of a business venture can be a lonely place and the sooner you ask for help, the simpler, faster, and less costly the transition to each new level will be.

Delegate – In the early days, we all had to wear too many hats and most entrepreneurs (myself included) struggle when it comes to handing off responsibilities to others. They will never do things the same way you would have, but they might do it better and if nothing else, it allows you to focus on what only you can do and scale the business.

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