The Evolution of Business – Googling How to Be a CEO with Adam Clark of Tangible Solutions

After an accomplished career with the US Army as a Green Beret, Adam Clark worked through a path from defense contracting to the medical industry where he became the CEO of Tangible Solutions, a contract manufacturer of 3D printed titanium orthopedic implants.

Like most entrepreneurs, Adam learned on the job when it came to the transition from entrepreneur to business executive in areas like leading a team, building a company culture, and the tools and challenges that are involved with growing and scaling a successful business venture.

Key Takeaway: When it comes to being an entrepreneur, the transformation and the growth of the business occurs both within the business itself and also within yourself. Your team will be looking to you as a leader, not just “one of the guys” and that can cover a huge array from your ability to lead and organize, to your personal health and your family.

Lessons Learned:

Culture is everything. You can have the best plan, but that is all it is. Understanding your own values and seeing those values given the same weight by other people is important when building a team.

Be adaptable. When it comes to execution, the team must be adaptable and take on obstacles together. The frontier of business is ever-changing and not being flexible to that changing landscape can spell the end of the business.

Seek outside counsel. As an entrepreneur, you can have grand new ideas every day. Without a sounding board that is going to check your ideas and ask you to back them up, you run the risk of “shiny object” syndrome, wasting resources and losing momentum.

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