Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap Again … and Again with Chip Murphy of CDM Technology

Chip Murphy is the co-founder of CDM Technology – a consulting, contracting, and professional search firm that works in the high-level IT space with a focus on software development, Dev/OPS (think Cloud), and high-level software architecture.

In 2020 – right in the heart of the pandemic (crazy, we know) – Chip and his team expanded the business with 3 additional offices, primarily due to an account they landed that is hiring like gang busters. The growth has been challenging, but most of all it’s been fun and exciting.

Key Takeaway: Building a business is a continual cycle of taking the entrepreneurial leap – over and over again. As Chip describes, the gray hair is not going away, and the delay in taking the leap to expand the business despite the challenges of 2020 was holding the business back.

Lessons Learned:

You don’t know what you don’t know…and that’s okay – Knowing everything, every little step of starting or even owning a business is impossible. As you go along the way…Find Peers, people you admire, people you work have worked with, people who have done work for you, people you went to school with, and probably most importantly people who have also started businesses…and keep them close to you.

Keep a journal, keep mental notes, or just plain sticky notes – Keep track of all the things you experienced in the working world or for the companies you worked for that you did not like…write them down and keep them somewhere special…and try like hell to not repeat them as a business owner. 

Read. Read. Read. – Books, newspapers, magazines, anything you can that does a couple of things. Educate you, or make you laugh. Not everything you read needs to be business-related. Not everything you read needs to focus on your business, or your clients etc.

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