Surrounding Yourself With Expertise with Courtney Lukitsch of Gotham PR

Courtney Lukitsch is the principal and founder of Gotham PR, founded in 2002, and is a boutique Marketing PR firm based in New York and London, with a roster of high-profile clients in 30 global markets and on every continent in the world.

Courtney started her career working for USAID in development, transitioned to academia abroad, and then to retail technology with Zara in Spain. Back in New York, she joined Rubenstein Public Relations, the country’s first and oldest PR firm, as the VP for business development and strategy.

Just after 9/11, the entrepreneurial bug struck, and she ventured out on her own to start Gotham PR, growing it to a global footprint over the last 20 years.

Key Takeaway: As Courtney outlines, the way to building a successful, lasting business is by surrounding yourself with experts – a great lawyer, a great accountant, a great writer, a great coach. While this is not something new, in her experience, most business leaders come to this realization too late.

Lessons Learned:

Deal with Challenging Clients – Offload your more challenging clients sooner rather than later. You can’t solve every problem, and the high-demand clients take more than their share of your energy.

Surround Yourself with Experts – Cultivate a network of experts around you that you can turn to when you have questions and work to benefit both sides of the relationship by referring people to your network.

Minimize the Overhead – With the proliferation of co-working spaces and fractional resources, hold off on overhead expenses for as long as possible.

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