Stop, Assess, and Adjust – The Climb to the Pinnacle

I am still not sure how we are wrapping up August and Q3 already …

On the one hand, 2021 has been a long year, and on the other side, it has flown by. And, as if 2020 needed to be topped, this has been a challenging year for many small businesses.

Many face financial trials dealing with the effects of the shutdowns, while others deal with the challenges involved with unplanned growth explosions depending upon the industry and their location.

One of the strategies we work with entrepreneurial business leaders on is having a Pinnacle goal and a roadmap to reach that goal.

Along the way, you have milestones where you stop, assess, and adjust before moving out on the next leg of your climb on the way to your Pinnacle.

When it comes to the Building to Scale brand, this is one of those milestones.

Today’s episode marks the end of Season 1 and the announcement of changes coming in Season 2.

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