Scaling Business through Acquisition with Callum Laing of MBH Corporation

Callum Laing is the CEO of the MBH Corporation with more than two decades of experience in starting, building, buying, and selling over half a dozen businesses in a range of sectors, including recruitment, sport and lifestyle, information technology, and telecommunications. He has published two best-selling books on business, has interviewed and published more than 700 interviews with entrepreneurs and sits as High Commissioner to the World Business Angel Investor Forum in Singapore.

Callum works with entrepreneurs dealing with what he calls the “scaling paradox” … the company is too small to have access to big contracts and as such, because they do not have access to big contracts, they remain small. Callum and his team over at The MBH Corporation take a different approach to scaling through acquisition, while leaving the original company as it is, just with a bigger footprint.

Key Takeaway: Growing a business can be challenging when you do not have the size and resources to compete with bigger players in the market. Acquisition is a way to address this, but there are different ways to go about that as most entrepreneurs do not make good employees, especially in their own company.

Lessons Learned:

Be Careful of Free Advice – Be careful when it comes to “free” advice from somebody that does not have any skin in the game. All too often this leads to chasing shiny objects and taking you out of your core focus.

Invest in Peer Groups – Being able to leverage the expertise of peers can provide resources and information that might not otherwise be available to entrepreneurs while at the same time remembering point #1.

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