Performance – Building Consistency and Transparency

If you were to walk around your office today (virtually or in-person), would you find your team working on the most important things efficiently?

In continuing our discussion about the 4 Ps – the four critical components necessary to successfully scale an entrepreneurial business … it does not matter if you have the right people in the right seats (people), that you have a shared mission that everybody is bought into (purpose), or that you have a proven playbook that everybody is working from … if your team cannot execute in a highly efficient and performant manner, it is all a dream.

As owners and managers of a small business, we must have transparency and clarity into what is going on within the business to know if everything is on track or not.

Then, everybody needs to understand what the most important projects are and their responsibilities within those projects to execute in a consistent, efficient, and performance manner.

In today’s episode of the Building to Scale podcast, our own Jeff Chastain walks through some of the tools for building a highly performant team that is always executing consistently on the most important tasks each and every day.

For questions or more information, reach out to Jeff at He is happy to chat with business owners who are simply trying to take that next leap forward.