People – Would You Hire Them All Again

In Jim Collins Book, Good to Great, he states …

“When we began the research project, we expected to find that the first step in taking a company from good to great would be to set a new direction, a new vision and strategy for the company, and then to get people committed and aligned behind that new direction.”

Instead, he found the complete opposite in that great companies and leaders first focused on getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.

With all of the business leaders we have worked with over the years, the fires that they currently are dealing with always have a “people” issue involved.

Today on the podcast, Jeff Chastain, Business Transformation Coach with Admentus, continues our segment from last week in talking about systemizing a business and specifically focus on the people aspect.

Right people, right seats is a great concept, but how do you quantify your team and know who the A players are?

For that matter, what is an A player?

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