Paradigms – Seeing Outside of What You Know with David Braughman of Fractional Executive Solutions

David has been thrust into intense situations, often with a ‘fix or sell within 90 days’ imperative. It has been said that “He is never intimidated by crisis.”

David Baughman is the consummate operating professional and is the founder and CEO of Fractional Executive Solutions, a firm that provides the experience and knowledge of a high-powered operations professional for half the cost.

David has “been there and done that” for clients across a broad range of sectors, stages of growth, and business environments. His experience includes aerospace, automotive, industrial, and oil & gas. His specialty is dramatic and profitable acceleration of the company’s growth through his deep grasp of all functions and leverage points.

Key Takeaway: As a growing, scaling business, owners many times have blinders on as to different ideas or things that fall outside of their current path. As David describes it, business paradigms can inhibit us from exploring new ideas, which is how we grow.

Lessons Learned:

Understand the importance and the quality of your network. Do your research and connect with those who can best help you TOMORROW as well today.

Look to join and network in groups such as Vistage. Again, that is for tomorrow as well as today.

Be clear on what value you and your company can provide and create an “elevator speech” around it.

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