Leveraging Experts to Build a Better Business with Noah Zandan of Qualified Communications

Noah Zandan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quantified Communications, and a pioneer in applying behavioral science to help people become extraordinary communicators. He is on a mission to improve the communication, connection, and lives of millions of people around the world.

Under Noah’s leadership, Quantified Communications has become the leading firm in combining behavioral science, AI, and experiential learning technology to help people enhance their impact, improve their interactions, and establish greater human connection. Quantified Communications works globally with everyone from CEOs of Fortune 10 organizations to International Leaders to TED speakers, to tens of thousands of future leaders including college and graduate students, teachers, veterans, and scientists.

As Noah describes it, he could have gone at it alone, building his business. Instead, he chose a different route, surrounding himself by experts in different areas – building a board of advisors early on that he could turn to for advice and expertise.

Key Takeaway: Leverage experts to build a better business – as Noah states, when it comes to building a business, there are simply things you do not know and having a board of experts available dramatically strengthens the business, allowing you to grow faster and stronger.

Lessons Learned:

Focus on Core Values – Define your core values early and utilize them as a lens in all aspects of your business to view people, business decisions, and everything else through.

Three Steps to Hire – When looking at new employees, they should be evaluated in three areas – capability, passion, and fit. Ideally, they match all three areas.

Power of Structure – A business operating system, EOS in Noah’s case, creates organization consistency and patterns to enable better transparency and performance.

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