Leveraging Automation to Free Up Creativity with Kaitlyn Study of South Street, Co.

Kaitlyn is the owner and creative director of South Street, Co., a digital marketing agency that helps small and medium businesses grow their reach online.

Following the stereotypical entpreneurial journey, Kaitlyn turned a side hustle into a growing digital marketing agency. Her transition from consultant to business owner has been a journey of discovery and learning when it comes to how to run a growing and successful business.

One of the biggest keys to her success has been leveraging automation to remove the burden of administrative work from her creative team, while still ensuring the work is done the right way each time.

Key Takeaway: By systematizing and automating administrative processes, you ensure that all of the right things get done the right way, while freeing up time and brain power for the creative side of the business.

Lessons Learned:

  • Trust your gut
  • Set up automation to help run your business
  • Always be nice!

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