Letting Creative Juices Flow Within the Process with Ann Brennan of ASMM Digital Marketing

Ann Brennan is the owner of ASMM Digital Marketing and host of the Small Business Connections podcast, demonstrating her passion for marketing.

Ann was the “accidental entrepreneur” who took her talents in social media and marketing and started a side hustle while searching for a “real job.”

Before long, however, the side hustle turned into a full digital marketing agency that Ann has now led for the past 5+ years.

In today’s episode, Ann shares more about her background in launching and building her company and delving into topics like the importance of building partnerships, understanding personalities and how people fit together to build teams, and the importance of processes and systems.

Key Takeaway: Process is key for growth – and coming from a creative background, process and creativity can still go hand in hand. As Ann describes, building processes allows you the flexibility to switch hats, cover roles when people are out, and ultimately delegate to new resources when you can afford to hire – all while maintaining flexibility and creativity.

Lessons Learned:

Marketing isn’t one thing. It’s everything. It’s finding the right combination of digital, traditional, and guerilla marketing. It’s about how you make them feel. In real life and online.

Make your content work for you. Creating marketing content and posting it once is not the answer to growth.

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