Growth Through a Focus on Reinvesting in People with Veena Jetti of Vive Funds

Veena Jetti is a second-generation real estate investor and has been a successful name for herself managing and then founding multiple real estate investment firms. Her latest venture, Vive Funds, was launched in the middle of the 2020 pandemic and now has $400 million worth of assets in her company portfolio. How did she get to this point?

The entrepreneurial drive is strong with this one as Star Wars fans would say. By focusing on innovation and reinvesting in her people, putting them first and operating the firm with transparency, she has built a loyal team that helps her drive forward even in an unknown real estate market.

Key Takeaway: While you are the leader and the risk taker, having a loyal team that buys into the mission is absolutely critical. While the leaders eat well when things are going well, they also eat last, taking care of the team and making sure that there is always an open door for new ideas and questions.

Lessons Learned:

Do Not Be Afraid – This this the entrepreneurial manta. No action will always guarantee failure and each failure is simply a stepping stone and lesson learned moving towards success.

Invest Into Your Company – Be wary of pulling resources out of the company early. Reinvest back into your company – both for your team and your customers.

Choose Your Partners Carefully – By giving up equity in the company – through partners or investors – you lose the ability to direct your vision. While sometimes necessary, choose carefully.

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