Growth Because of a Continual Focus on Innovation with Jefferson Nunn of Code Warriors

Jefferson Nunn is the consummate entrepreneur, being involved with many different ventures since 1999. Currently, Jefferson leads the team at Code Warriors, a new software development company started in the midst of a global pandemic – yet growing and thriving in spite of the world around them.

Through his work in technology – software development, cryptocurrency, and many other areas – his focus on innovation has been the key to his success and growth as an entrepreneur.

Key Takeaway: When it comes to opportunities, the key is to keep looking and innovate when the opportunity presents itself. Opportunities abound if you are looking for them with an eye towards innovation.

Lessons Learned:

Do Not be Afraid to Fail – In fact, embrace failure and study it. The science of failure is how you win.

Listen – That is 90% of communications. Speaking is only 10%.

Look – If you watch what people are doing, you will see patterns.

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