Growing Business with Persistence and an Eye on the Long Game with Uyi Abraham of Vonza

Uyi Abraham is the founder and CEO of Vonza, a complete, all-in-one solution that helps coaches and business leaders sell online and run their entire business in one place.

Uyi was born in Nigeria and came to America for medical school with only $100 and a suitcase of clothes. Despite his humble beginnings, he has attained entrepreneurial success, and is devoted to helping others become successful entrepreneurs.

By focusing on simplicity and always keeping an eye on the long game, Uyi has been able to persevere through the challenges of growing an entrepreneurial software as a service platform. Facing issues with overseas development teams to learning how to market, Uyi has taken on the challenges of business one step at a time.

Key Takeaway: Focus on simplicity – simplicity is the founding principle of Vonza with the goal of simplifying technology for entrepreneurs. Complexity creeps up on business owners – one tool, one technology at a time and before long you are wasting all kinds of resources trying to hold it all together.

Lessons Learned:

Product Market Fit – Do your homework, talk to your customers, and get feedback early in the product development process to ensure you have market fit and bring value.

Persistence – Success in business is a long game and persistence is key. There will be bumps in the road along the way but keep the long game in mind and keep going.

Talking to Your Customers – Always keep your customers in mind and continue to engage with them to ensure you stay on the right track.

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