Finding the Blue Ocean in Insurance with Jeff Arnold of RightSure Insurance Group

For Jeff Arnold, founder of RightSure Insurance Group, stewardship and making the world a better place is top priority. Perhaps it was his upbringing as a son in a long line of preachers (his father, grandfather, great-grandfather); his company is built around the culture of giving back at the city, state, national and global levels.

In this episode, Arnold discusses his views on philanthropy, as well as the ways in which RightSure stands out in a crowded insurance market, and how metrics are the key to any successful business.

Arnold has been called a thought leader and global ambassador for the insurance industry. He writes and speaks on insurtechs, agency acquisitions, and helps consumers understand how technology is infused into their products.

RightSure is known for leading with technology and facilitating a positive, tech-forward workplace. Founded 13 years ago, RightSure earned recognition as a Top Insurance Technology Workplace for 2020 by Insurance Business America (IBA) and also made the Insurance Journal’s list of the 2020 Best Independent Insurance Agencies to Work For.

Key Takeaway: Knowing what numbers are important (not just financial numbers, but metrics of all sorts) and then using them as a guide to get where you want to go is key to growing a business. Additionally, having a successful business that you’re passionate about is often seen as an end, but instead can be the means to serve a higher purpose and make the world a better place.

Lessons Learned:

What gets measured gets done. 

Know the difference between Tension and Conflict (one is necessary for the organization to grow and one is destructive).

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

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