Finding and Following Your North Star with Tim Angelillo of Sourced Craft Cocktails

Entrepreneur Tim Angelillo’s passion is to be of service to consumers, clients, partners, and other tenacious entrepreneurs by sharing his story and solutions that can be applied to companies large and small.

Angelillo is the founder of Sourced Craft Cocktails, a delivery service that brings the craft cocktail experience to homes and offices. In this lively episode, he describes how he discovered untapped potential in the alcohol distribution industry – a system that hasn’t changed in nearly 90 years.

Having navigated unprecedented growth of his business during the pandemic, Angelillo shares the mindset he believes was crucial in the company’s success, his secret to avoiding regrets in business, as well as discussing his philosophy of helping others whenever possible.

A self-described “late bloomer” as an entrepreneur, Angelillo has 15+ years of experience running divisions of publicly traded companies like Yahoo! and Time Warner as well as founding and leading three start-up businesses in Austin, TX.

His experiences include positions such as Global Business Leader overseeing Yahoo! Sports and the Y! Commerce divisions as well as Executive Director where he oversaw $100 Million of Sports Illustrated licensing, properties, and retail business units. Lessons learned in these roles allow Tim to share detailed insights on how to apply an entrepreneurial drive and marketing, sales, technology, and management skills both inside global companies and the tech start-up world.

Key Takeaway: Having a “north star” and employees that share your mission is imperative to success and growth in business. It is human nature to want to succeed, so it is important to set goals before one begins. This avoids the temptation of moving the goalposts closer and allows one to accurately evaluate success in terms of “win or learn” rather than “win or lose”.

Lessons Learned:

It will not be easy! Know what you are getting yourself into and commit! People are your most important asset, always. Surround yourself with colleagues looking to accomplish the same goal. Don’t try to do it on your own.

Adapt – With the constantly shifting environment caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, business leaders of both small and large companies are living in a daily pivot. This moment in time took us from the normal “how do you” Google it and ramped it up to an always-on, teach ourselves reality.

As my grandmother always said: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!” Success is not a straight line and the learnings of failure are the most important lessons to get us to the right win.

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