Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Business or Simply a Job?

Recently, our own Jeff Chastain met an individual whom, together with a business partner, had what appeared from the outside to be a very successful marketing agency.

They had a good, solid client base and a good, albeit somewhat uneven, revenue flow coming in.

In other words, most of us would look at this business and say this is one that we would want.

Why was it that this individual was thinking about quitting the business?

In today’s episode of the Building to Scale Podcast, Jeff Chastain breaks down the differences between having an entrepreneurial business and simply building yourself a job where you are boss, employee, and janitor all in one!

He also talks about the new book “Buyable” from fellow Pinnacle Business Guide Steve Preda and how the same concepts that go into building a growth-oriented, scalable business also apply to creating a “buyable” business.

If your business feels more like a job where you are working too many hours fighting fires, feeling somewhat out of control with your business, lacking direction, or simply just worn out, don’t miss our upcoming workshop entitled:

The 4 Keys to Successfully Growing a Small Entrepreneurial Business

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