Developing Processes to Scale Without Losing Creativity with Vikram Rajan of VideoSocials

Vikram Rajan is the president of Practice Marketing and co-founder of both the video blogging community VideoSocials and social media automation app Brander. As a marketing consulting, Vikram saw firsthand the difficulties of getting business owners to participate in the marketing process and thus set out to build a better solution like any great entrepreneur.

With a team of 11 and revenues over $400K, Vikram has seen the power of process development in scaling and growing his company and community. At the same time, as a creative agency, he has found the perfect blend and processes with creativity for his team to ensure the right things get done while still allowing his team to bring their creative elements to the table.

Key Takeaway: In order to grow and scale an organization beyond a single entrepreneur and the early core team, you must develop processes to be able to replicate yourself and your team members. When building processes, start small with checklists and employ a constant idea of refinement while still encouraging creativity in your team.

Lessons Learned:

Staff Should Document and Delegate Processes – When building out a team and delegating work out to your team, process development is critical.

Leverage Automation – Time is a very scarce resource for all entrepreneurs. Even if you can’t hand off some aspect of the business you don’t enjoy, at least leverage automation to get multiple things or deliverables done at the same time.

Build a Community of Raving Fans – One of your best marketing sources is your community, so ensure you are building a community of raving fans that buy into your culture and systems and will then recommend you.

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