Delegation and Communication – The Transition from Technician to Owner with Dylan Todd of Wellteck IT

From IT technician to CEO, Dylan Todd of Wellteck IT is a Christian, Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Entrepreneur and Cross-fitter with a passion for People and Technology.

Dylan started Wellteck IT in the spare bedroom of a friend’s house in 2014. The company is now more than 15 employees and breaking 7-figure revenue marks on a consistent basis.

As Dylan has transitioned from technician to CEO, his role has continued to evolve and change. However, his focus and vision to best serve and treat his customers’ IT needs remain unchanged.

Key Takeaway: Understand the work that running a business requires and find ways to work smarter and harder. Making that transition from technician (working in the business) to owner (working on the business) is not easy and requires constant attention to the long-term picture and strategy.

Lessons Learned:

Do to others as you would want done to yourself – Whether it is your own team, your customers, or your vendors, your integrity takes a lifetime to build up and only minutes to crash.

Never sign or verbally agree to anything you will not put 110% in to.

Look at things from your customer’s perspective, not just your own.

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