Dealing with the Challenges of Growing Too Fast with Mark Shandrow of Asana Recovery

Mark Shandrow is the co-founder and CEO of Asana Recovery in Costa Mesa, California. Asana Recovery is an addiction treatment center working to help people with various addictions break free of the destructive hardships they deal with.

As an entrepreneur, Mark’s journey took him from the real estate investment industry into the addiction recovery where his first venture took off and grew exponentially like any dream an entrepreneur might have – right up to the point that it crashed overnight.

List to Mark’s story of up and downs and how he has taken the lessons he learned in growing a business too fast and is now applying them in a new business focused on steady growth.

Key Takeaway: Growing a business too fast and overextending yourself can be just as deadly as any other issue a business faces in its lifecycle. Remain focused on your core focus and make sure you are prepared if a vendor, supplier, or other third party makes a change that could impact your business.

Lessons Learned:

Be Very Cash Conscious – A business runs on cash, so be very careful on how extended you get when it comes to your cash flow on both the business and personal sides.

  • Do not sign personal guarantees
  • Do not co-mingle funds between legal entities
  • Do not use operating cash flow for rapid expansion

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