Commit to a Direction While Continuing to Read the Tea Leaves with Andy Hilliard of Accelerance

Andy Hilliard is a serial entrepreneur with A both global and technology focus; he is the CEO of Accelerance, a consulting firm that helps technology leaders create and execute effective strategies for global software outsourcing.

Andy has been responsible for driving the company forward through new ideas, a strong culture, and engagement with the market. Working on a global stage, there are all kinds of shifting tides and impacts to business. In this episode, Andy talks about the company getting overextended during the 2008 financial crisis and the changes they have made since to ensure that it does not happen again.

Key Takeaway: The world of business is in a constant state of change. While you cannot change direction with every shift of the wind, you must have the metrics and indicators in place to be able to see in advance where you are overextended and need to pivot.

Lessons Learned:

Build a strong culture by hiring people who are aligned with core company values and weave these values into KPIs (Rocks), quarterly reviews, salaries and bonuses, job descriptions etc.

Culture alignment is more important than sheer talent. You can teach skills, but culture alignment is hard-coded in people.

GWC – get it, want it, capacity to do it … make sure everyone is in the right seat and if not, make changes swiftly.

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