Business Starts with Relationships with Jim Traister of The Digital Navigator

Guest Jim Traister has a passion for helping small businesses drive sales. He is CEO of The Digital Navigator, a full-service digital agency that drives sales for independent businesses in three verticals: course providers, hospitality, and small business.

In this episode, Traister shares his background as a college instructor turned entrepreneur and how starting his own business came with making mistakes but also fed his love of learning and his passion for helping others.

Listen to find out what mistakes most businesses make when it comes to metrics and how it should not cost more than $500 to get enough data to optimize an ad campaign and make predictions about returns on investment.

Traister also details how sales and lead generation are like dating and why no matter what changes technology may bring, relationships and creating goodwill are the real key to success in any business. Time adding value for others is never wasted; just be sure to systemize anything that is not value-added.

Key Takeaway: Business starts with the heart! Regardless of how technology changes in business, building relationships is the most crucial step to success in any company. Serving your clients well also includes finding the right metrics to look at for the desired results. Measuring matters.

Lessons Learned:

Take care of your current client base.

Always remember that it is people who make the difference.

Never stop selling.

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