Business is Serious Stuff and Games are for Kids, Right?

Did you check out the Dallas Cowboy’s game yesterday?

Or, if you are not a Cowboy’s fan, imagine going to a game for your favorite sports team for a minute.

You spent way too much money on your tickets, then walked into the stadium and sat down.

But when you looked around, something was missing.

They took the scoreboard out?!?!?

Imagine sitting through the game without knowing the score and without knowing how much time was left.

Kinda takes away from the game, right?

But now, put yourself in the player’s position.

What would it feel like if you were playing the game without knowing the score or the time?

What if we took that one step further and you did not even know the rules – only the coach knew the rules and just gave you the little bit of information they thought you needed.

Sounds rather ridiculous, right?

Yet this is the way we run our businesses …

In today’s episode, I talk about this idea of doing business as if you were playing a game.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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