Breaking the Mold of What it Means to be an Entrepreneur with Crys Noell of T&T, LLC.

At the age of 4 with 20 words vocabulary, Crys was solidly in the foster care system. She was adopted as an older child and loved learning. Crys graduated from high school as a valedictorian, attended college at Fresno State, has four degrees, and continues to pick up an alphabet of certifications. She has overcome abuse, lives with a traumatic brain injury, and truly believes that we have the power to rewrite our story at anytime, especially our financial story!

Crys has launched five businesses and absorbed a myriad of lessons from each one. Over the last 13+ years, she has empowered thousands of humans through leadership workshops, budgeting webinars, CFO sessions, and the budgeting tools you can find on our website. Most recently, she created the Manifesting Financial Freedom sets that help entrepreneurs focus on abundance and prosperity.

Key Takeaway:

When a project is “break-even”, you are moving with a “broke even” mindset, actually going backwards in your business. Knowing your numbers, your profitability, etc. is the only way to make informed decisions and scale the business.

Lessons Learned:

Paying yourself first is a top priority…put it in the financial plan and build around it.

Exponential growth is so much more painful to a business than slow and steady growth.

Owning your BS takes a level of humility that I never would have imagined possible.

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