Applying Systems to Break Through the Ceiling with Val King of Whitehat Virtual Technologies

Val King is the CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies, a technology services provider focused on helping clients deliver a great productive end user experience anywhere in the world their staff needs to be to get work done. Doing hundreds of projects a year and managing or supporting thousands of employees around the world, Whitehat is focused on that last 18″ between the screen and the end user, because that is the gap where technology investment becomes business value and productivity.

In building out Whitehat Virtual Technologies, Val and his team stacked one great year of growth on top of another – right up to the point where they hit a ceiling, and nothing worked. Up to that point, they had simply been throwing more time against the issue … more hours for more customers = more growth. Except, they ran out of time.

As a technology services provider, their focus was on building systems for their clients. They took this same idea and started to systematize their own business, allowing them to be more efficient with the hours spent, break through the ceiling they were facing, and grow to new levels.

Key Takeaway: Your business will hit a wall directly in line with the management structure you have in place. It can temporarily grow past your ability to manage it, but it will rubber band back if you do not raise your game to meet the growth.

Lessons Learned:

Systematize – Processes are your friend if you ever want to spend more time working on your business than in it.

Delegate – You cannot be everything to everyone. Figure out what you are good at, what you want to dedicate your time to, as you do not have any more of it.

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