Achieving the Freedom to Grow and Scale with Erin Young of Slide UX

Entrepreneurs can sometimes strangle their companies when they aren’t willing to get out of their own way and delegate to others. In this episode of the Building to Scale Podcast, Erin Young, founder of Slide UX, talks about learning this valuable lesson. She shares how when she stopped trying to do it all and handed tasks over to capable employees, she was more available to help her employees do their best work, while the clients they serve received better service.

Young founded Slide UX in 2012, and since 2016, it’s been named one of the world’s top five UX agencies. The company helps product leaders understand what users actually need and identify the right features, content, look and feel, and interaction of the design. Slide UX helps clients move from ideas to documentation so that a development team can build a great experience.

Slide UX also establishes UI design systems that scale by continuously refining unique, fast-paced methods that help clients establish great user experiences while cultivating good UX fundamentals, setting them up to succeed beyond the project.

Programs at Slide UX integrate business strategy, user research, UI design, and cross-functional collaboration to create great product experiences as they work with leaders to untangle their project’s complexities and facilitate helpful conversations.

Key Takeaway: The longer a business owner waits to delegate tasks to their capable employees, the more entangled they become and the harder it is to extract themselves. Additionally, customizing solutions to customer’s problems is unnecessary. It is much more efficient to have one process to create the solution to clients’ problems. Plus, it allows for complete clarity for the client when it comes to expected deliverables.

Lessons Learned:

1. Simplify: Everything is a lot easier when distilled down to its core essence.

2. Document: Have processes in place so that consistent results can be delivered. 

3. Refine – Have a proven process that can be improved upon rather than trying to customize for each customer.

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