A Mission-Critical Focus to Enable Growth with Tony Nash of Complete Intelligence

Every company wishes they have a crystal ball when it comes to making business decisions, and while a physical iteration of that wish is not possible, Tony Nash has developed the next best thing for his clients at his startup, Complete Intelligence.

Tony is the CEO and Founder of Complete Intelligence. Before founding Complete Intelligence, Tony was the global head of research for The Economist and the head of Asia consulting for IHS Markit.

Complete Intelligence is a fully automated and globally integrated AI platform for smarter cost and revenue planning. Using advanced AI, they provide highly accurate cost and revenue forecasts fueled by billions of enterprise and public data points.

Key Takeaway: As a growing, scaling business, you must know what you are good at, what you do, and what you do not do. Maintain your mission-critical focus on the most important aspects of your business and outsource the parts that you are simply not good at or are outside of your mission.

Lessons Learned:

Put Significant Thought into Your Senior Hires – Hire low first, then hire the upper levels as they will be the ones that have to share your mission and must be the right hire.

Know what You Do Not Do – Knowing what you don’t do is just as important as knowing what you do do.

Define Your Culture – Define the culture you are building and continually and intentionally reinforce it.

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