Trimming the Shrub of Your Role on a Regular Basis with Scott Beebe of My Business on Purpose

Scott Beebe is the founder of My Business on Purpose, a business coaching, training, and strategy group that helps small business owners and organizational leaders transition from working IN their businesses to working ON their businesses.

Scott is also the host of the Business on Purpose podcast; a weekly podcast where Scott interviews small business owners who share insights into how they are living their business on purpose.

Scott’s journey has taken him from seminary to pharmaceutical sales, back to church planting as a new pastor, and now into business as an entrepreneur leading and helping other business leaders.

Key Takeaway: Your role is an ever-growing organism as new things come along in the business. You must make a regular practice of reviewing everything you are doing and determine what you are good at, what you absolutely must do yourself, and then work to off everything else.

Lessons Learned:

Marketing is a Long Play – Word of mouth is the “silver bullet” of all marketing. But it is the hardest to come by and takes the longest to get there.

Everybody is in Sales – Everybody on your team is in sales and should be using the same message.

Marketing Consistency is Key – Your prospects are watching you and consistency is key to stay top of mind until the prospects urgency is great enough to connect.

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